• March 22, 2017

As per a recent tax circular issued by the Cyprus Tax Department, individuals will be able to secure a Cyprus tax residence certificate at any time within a given tax year, even prior to 'completing' their stay in Cyprus for more than 183 days in that tax year.

The above has been put in place in order to assist the interested individuals to fulfil any compliance obligations that might arise from the application of the relevant double tax treaty, especially upon the receipt of income from foreign sources.

Individuals who wish to take advantage of the above, should complete and sign a specific declaration issued by the Tax Department, stating that they intend to stay in Cyprus for one or more periods exceeding in aggregate 183 days in a given tax year to fulfil the tax residence test.

In the event that any such individual fails to fulfil the 183 days residence rule for any reason, he/she is committed through this declaration to inform the Tax Department accordingly.